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Women from all walks of life have been where you
are today, they have felt what you are feeling, and
have struggled with the same questions. There is
hope! There is life after an unplanned pregnancy. The
choices you make today can provide you with a lim-
itless future. This magazine can help you get started
from the privacy of your own home.
Throughout our newest issue of Lifetime
Adoption MagazineTM you will find waiting
adoptive couples that are dedicated and ready
to be parents through adoption. You will also
find valuable information on morning
sickness, pregnancy and smoking, and
the benefits of journaling during your
There are many reasons that women
decide adoption is the best choice for
their children. Situations and circum-
stances are all completely unique, and there is no "one
size fits all" way to approach this very personal deci-
sion. Read about how other women came to the deci-
sion of adoption and learn from their stories to help
you in your decision.
Families who are hoping to adopt have struggled
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MArDIe CAlDWell, C.O.A.P.
Managing Editor
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AMIe WeAver
Media and Communications Director
with infertility, and adoption is the most hopeful op-
tion for them to become parents. They have been
through numerous background checks and screenings
to ensure that they are trustworthy, able to provide a
secure home and family for your child, including the
ability to love unconditionally a child brought to them
through adoption.
In this issue you will also read about how
Lifetime Adoption FoundationTM can help
you with maternity clothes, toiletries, shoes,
sheets, towels, household items, counseling
and more. Best of all, if you have been
dreaming of a better future, birth mother
college scholarships are offered.
I hope that this magazine provides
you with additional information. If
you find you have questions, please
feel free to contact us by calling
1-800-923-6784. You will be able to speak to a caring
adoption coordinator 24 hours a day. You will never
be judged for your situation.
Enjoy this special issue just for you.
Dear Reader,
Warmest Regards,
Mardie Caldwell, COAP
Lifetime Adoption Center,
24 Hour Birthmother Hotline: 1-800-923-6784
Since 1986, Mardie Caldwell has
been dedicated to helping birth
mothers find loving parents for
their precious children.
Mardie Caldwell