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c ntents
2 breaking the news to your parents
Your parents may not be the easiest people in the world
to talk to, and breaking tough news makes it even worse.
Here's some tips on dealing with the situation.
4 what to expect
At the hospital, after delivery, and more.
Plan your decisions ahead of time, and save yourself a
lot of worry.
6 is your guy cut out for fatherhood?
Ask yourself these questions before deciding what to do.
It's time: being realistic now can save you a world of hurt
later on.
8 morning sickness: the 411
About three-quarters of pregnant women get it.
Here's our top tips on preventing and dealing with the
dreaded morning sickness.
10 pregnancy and smoking
Are you pregnant and still smoking? Want to stop?
Learn about smoking and your baby, plus tips on
kicking the habit.
11 waiting families
100+ families are ready and able to adopt your child.
View photos, and a letter written from them to you.

125 one woman's choice
A birth mother's story of true love and letting go.

126 taking time for yourself
After an adoption, setting some time aside for just you
is crucial. How journaling and other things can help you
127 common questions
Answers to frequently ask questions about adoption:
the process, the risks, benefits and more.