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about going
to the hospital to have your baby,
it can help to make some plans
ahead of time. By having made
decisions about your plans ahead
of time, you will have less to wor-
ry about. It is a good idea to tour
the labor and delivery area of the
hospital, and ask about pre-regis-
tering at the hospital.
Before you leave the hospital, you
may wish to ask for mementos
to remember your child's birth.
these could be: a lock of hair,
your baby's Id bracelet, foot-
prints, bassinet card, and photos.
Place them in a special memory
box, and add photos and written
notes if you can. You will never
regret this simple step.
What do I do when I go into labor?
Let Lifetime Adoption know
when your labor starts and when
you leave for the hospital or when
you get there. We will need to
send paperwork to the hospital
staff, to ensure they have your
hospital preferences and desires
available and your wishes are fol-
lowed. Lifetime can notify the
adoptive parents that you are in
labor, or you may want to call
What happens at the hospital?
You can decide who you want or
don't want in the delivery room
with you. Make sure the person
with you is positive and well-in-
formed before inviting them to
Here is a list of things you can do
in advance of your adoption day:
Plan to take time off work. Check with your physi-
cian and your employer for the proper documents.
sign up for childbirth classes, if you decide to
Fill out your hospital preference form that
Lifetime provides.
decide who you want to be at the hospital with
you when you deliver. If you have other children,
arrange for someone to take care of them while
you are in the hospital.
Have your bag packed and ready to go.
decide if you want your baby in the room with
you, or would prefer the baby be kept in the nurs-
ery with the adoptive parents.
determine how much you want the adoptive par-
ents to participate in the birth. do you want them
in the delivery room or waiting outside?
Let the adoptive parents and the hospital know if
you want newborn pictures.
decide who will pick you up from the hospital
when you are discharged. When you are dis-
charged, do you want to wait until the baby leaves
or do you wish to leave first?
your delivery. If you feel your
family will pressure you to keep
your baby, don't ask them to
be at the hospital. You can take
photos and share them after the
adoption papers are signed. re-
member that you have rights and
this is your birth and your adop-
tion plan, so don't let anyone talk
you out of what you want.
Before you leave the hospital
take the time you need with your
child. It is very healing and can
help you in the grieving process.
realize that you have carried this
child for nine months, and you
have the right to a few moments
alone with them. there are sev-
eral ways you can choose to say
good-bye to your baby. some
birth mothers have chosen to
dress their baby in an outfit they
picked out. Another choice is to
have a small ceremony, where a
pastor and/or close family mem-
ber/friend comes in and says
a prayer thanking God for the
child and trusting Him for the
child's life.
Did you know you can name
your baby?
naming your child allows you to
create a special bond. You may
want to decide with the adop-
tive parents, or you may want a
personal name, realizing that the
adoptive parents will be naming
the child also. remember that all
situations are different, but open,
honest communication is the
place to start.
what to expect... at the hospital,
after delivery, and more