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Ask yourself a few questions about your guy before deciding
what to do. don't just assume what he says is what he is going
to do; no man should force a woman to do something she
doesn't want to do, like parent a child alone or have an abor-
tion. You have options, so find out what needs to be done,
let the dust settle on the facts and then make the decision
based on what is best for everyone, especially for your child.
Here are some questions to ask yourself:
Is the father of this baby one that you would want to grow old
Does he have the qualities to be a good role model for your
child and future children?
Is he responsible? Does he have a job?
Does he party, drink too much, or do drugs?
Has he been faithful to you? Where is he now?
Does he have any other children? What kind of father is he to
those kids?
Do your family and friends like him? Or do they think he is a
Does he have a past you know of or maybe suspect is not very
Are you putting your child and your life at risk by parenting
this child?
Would you want your daughter to grow up and marry a man
just like this guy? If your child is a boy, would you want him to
grow up and be just like him? Children learn from the people
they are around.
Does he have a respectful relationship with his parents?
Does this man have any background of verbal or physical
abuse or sexual misconduct?
Women constantly make the mistake of not seeing who their
boyfriend or husband truly is. they look at the man they
wish their partner was, instead of the man that he really is. so
look at your man right now. Look at his personality, the way
he treats his family, the way he treats you, and you will know
what kind of father he is going to be.
don't let your optimistic outlook cloud your view of who
your man truly is. It is not fair to you, it is not fair to him,
and it is definitely not fair to an unborn child. understand-
ing who your man truly is will set you free to make decisions
about your relationship and about parenthood with a clearer
perspective than you ever thought possible.
guy CuT ouT foR fATHERHooD?
Women constantly
make the mistake of
not seeing who their
boyfriend or husband
truly is.