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how do I tell
my parents
I'm pregnant?
when your parents may not be
the easiest people in the world to talk with, and
it is even worse if the subject of the conversation
is something that you know will be upsetting. The
important thing to remember is that if you are a
pregnant teen, your parents are the people who
are in the best position to help you handle your
problem and make responsible decisions.
But HoW do You BreAk tHe neWs?
Choose a time when you will have complete privacy with
your parents, as well as their attention. tell them that you
have to talk to them about a serious matter and ask them
if they will not interrupt you until you have finished.
From the first word you utter, be completely honest with
your parents. Ask them for their help. If your parents
have been there for you in the past, chances are they will
want be there to support you through this difficult time.
Avoid arguing and sarcasm; remember that you will have
to expect some anger from your parents, but at this time
in your life, they could be the best friends you could
After the first waves of shock have faded, talk with your
parents about how you will handle this situation. If you
have decided to keep your baby and your parents agree
to continue to let you live at home, what new rules will
be involved?
If adoption is what you have in mind, ask your parents
for their full support in this decision. After thinking the
situation through, they will most likely be very supportive
in this decision. tell them about your options with open
adoption, including the contact you and your family can
have with your child and the adoptive family, and the
ability to choose your baby's parents and meet them be-